About us

Faculty of Education and Development Sciences was  established in 23th, 2004. The faculty offers bachelor, master and doctoral degree programs and a wide variety of teacher training programs to meet education needs of the country. Over the decade, the faculty has been developed continuously with 200 academic staffs and over 1,230 students. Our instruction, research, and academic services are qualified as evidenced by Institutional Quality Assurance Monitoring and Evaluation (IQAME) and certified by the Office of the Higher Education Commission (OHEC).


Faculty Agencies

  • Department of Human and Community Resource Development
  • Department of Physical Education and Sports
  • Department of Teacher Education
  • Center for Research and Academic Outreach
  • Kasetsart University Laboratory School Kamphaeng Saen Campus Educatianal Research and Development Center
  • Office of the Secretary



The Faculty of Education and Development Sciences is a leading organization in education and development and is accepted for work  level of world standard.


Mission Statement

  1. Produce undergraduate and graduate students in education and development sciences whose thrives for the growth in academics, capacities, morality, ethics, and service mindedness,
  2. Research and develop intellectual knowledge in education and development sciences to keep pace with educational, economical, and social changes,
  3. Service in education and development sciences in accodance with the needs of societies and communities,
  4. Promote, preserve, and maintain the national culture customs, traditions and wisdom,
  5. Promote and support Kasetsart University Laboratory School Kamphaeng Saen Campus Educational Research and Development Center to realize its full potential as a resource for teacher professional practices and the best practice in learning management with world standard.


Learning Facilities

We incorporate the use of modern technology in teaching and learning activities in all levels of education. Our faculty equipped with a Computerized Language Laboratory for speech classes,Micro-teaching Laboratory, Health Fitness Center, Ethics and Counseling Center, Agricultural Farm Laboratory and IT facilities fulfill the growing demands of the academic community. We also ensure academic and extracurricular balance through a variety of learning experiences.